Explore this: 

Is sisterhood a new concept or a tried and true one?

Am I longing to ignite my spirit or nurture my soul?

Does 'what's next'  excite or scare me? Even just a little?

Imagine this:

'Girlfriend time' to relax, engage, laugh and play...

Being with like-hearted, supportive women...         

Gathering with impactful Speakers, Movement Specialists and Sound Practitioners...

Answer this:

Have you paid your dues by 'rising above it' over and over again?

Are you Interested in an event with a secret ingredient AND a 'reality check' component?

What aspects of your true nature are you discovering that could use some validation?

     So tell me my darling, why only rise when you can Soar?

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Soar 2021 Tucson, Arizona - November 13th-15th

Our Presenters offer their gifts, talents, skills and love, all in service to Sisterhood! 

2021 Speakers
Coming Soon


In service to Sisterhood

these women will inspire

and surprise you!


Your  Soar ticket includes 3 delicious lunches, inspiring Speakers, Sound and Movement and a little magic for good measure!

Soar with peace!
Soar with peace!

Sisters soaring together and apart!

We dance, we soar!
We dance, we soar!

Sisters Soaring together!

SS Summit Picture Jan 2021 (no date)
SS Summit Picture Jan 2021 (no date)

Meditating for a shared intention!

Soar with peace!
Soar with peace!

Sisters soaring together and apart!

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Your special room rate for

 Soar is $135 AND includes

a delicious breakfast!

Book your room early!

Come early and stay late!

Enjoy the relaxing pace

of the Old Pueblo and

surrounding areas.