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In Service to Sisterhood!

Michelle Bee.jpg

Michelle Bee

Arrive at your own front door...Open it...Allow the air to flow. Receive refreshment of sound, poetry and art! Receive the nourishment of mystical hues for healing hearts. Let each moment be the start of living...again, again, again.


Beverly Biehl

What's Feng Shui Got to Do With It?

Love, attention and simple shifts in your thoughts, your home, and your office bring success and balance to your life! Beverly is a visionary and mentor for people who crave more clarity, joy, abundance and purpose.

Paula T.jpeg

Paula Taylor

The Voice of Energy

Music melts us—

a kirtan softens us and effortlessly draws our mind inwards like a flower lures a bee in a call-and-response style, song or chant set to music. 

Sora Presenter.jpg

Sora Garrett

Life in the FLOW Zone

Create a joyful impact with your life by living in the FLOW Zone. As you focus on what truly matters while clearing distractions & ongoing

clutter, you  will open to an even

more abundant & miraculous life.

laurie Allen.jpg

Laurie Allen

Nia is a somatic practice based on the joy of movement. We will go  through an easy, yet dynamic series of movements that encourage the connection of mind, body, spirit and emotion. Move your body in a way that makes you feel better. 


Mary Tolena

The Pulse of Positivity

We will shake, rattle, and roll our way to stirring up creativity, aligning intentions, and grounding energy. Sound “remedies” uplift and balance your spirit and rhythm is your heart-opening ally. 

MiaMichelle Henry

MiaMichelle 2.jpg

I have a Dream and I Claim it! 

Service to our sisterhood and to all others and even to ourselves is a beautiful way of expressing and communicating  love. 

You don't have to wear a mask to be loved.  

Christina Toth

Christina fun.jpeg

Soulgasm For All

You are invited into the energetic portal of the Soulgasmic embodiment of confidence. There you will prepare for the visceral revealing that YOU are the one you have been looking for all this time. 

Charlotte Rose


Yoga Instructor

YOGA is accessible and beneficial to almost everyone. "No matter your age or shape, yoga can help"

Barbara Morris

babs one wing.png

The Art of Feminine Presence

As we honor both the feminine and the masculine principles we are ready to amplify our inner strength and ability to stay centered. Women must Be Seen, Be Heard, and Inspire Change® for the highest good of all. 

Pam Altaffer



Create, play, tell stories, dance, improvise! InterPlay  reconnects people to the wisdom of the body. Magic happens when we dance our dances, tell our stories or sing our songs.

Lori & Betsy

lori and Betsy.jpg

Love and Forgiveness

The depths and heights of forgiveness are possibly unlimited. The only way to find out is to take your forgiveness practice to a new level with tools that create a powerful visceral experience.  

Joy P.jpg

Joy Perreras

HellYES Alignment

Discover foundational Pillars to create and support the best version of you yet, aligned and embodied in your truth. 

Saying HellYES to you and the life you desire liberates you.

Susan Staples.jpg

Susan Staples

The Wild Woman reminds us of the true essence of who we are and who we are becoming.  Connect to the light and the timelessness of your Soul and listen to the wisdom of the ancient ones whisper to you in the wind.

Rise Denise.jpg

Denise Miller

When you strengthen your boundaries  you create and enter your safe haven so it can gently hold you and embrace you throughout your interactions and relationships.


Cayelin Castell

Sky Mysteries

 Exploring the largest context of the Sky Mysteries in 2021 including magical insights supporting you in connecting with the ancient wisdom of the Earth and Sky. This is designed to expand your awareness around what is possible in ways that inspire and ignite the magic we all carry within us.

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