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My Tips For Making Life Meaningful!
by Sarah Amos


Always be curious and ask questions often...not so much of others but of yourself, e.g. "what if..." or "I wonder..." or "ponder this..."


Be on the outlook for the everyday occurrences of magic, in fact, lower your standards of what magical occurrences look like as you will experience magic more often.   


Observe judgment,  that's all, no commenting, justifying, explaining, defending, criticizing or scoffing. Simply observe.


Play games with your intuition… If you are spot on OR even if you are  way off  do something physical right after, like jump up with arms in the air and say whoo hoo or YESSSS or Yay (with a smile of course).


Make friends with your higher self:  See her as your shero or superwoman or cheerleader or mentor, rather than someone outside yourself. And listen to her, she knows things that you do not know!


Release a little attachment daily…ok- every 3 it a project, a person, an idea, stuff, story, concept, mind-set, goal or accomplishment and especially expectations. 


Be vulnerable and  self correct in front of others… If you interrupt someone  or  process down or use low vibration words or buy into someone's limitations - correct yourself out loud.   


Often ask  "what else is possible?"… and when you do,  please don't answer...allow the Universe, Source, God or Goddess to show you.


Develop a passion for something...which may require you to cultivate your interests. And know that others are blessed when they receive or witness  your talent, skills and passion.


Devote time to reprograming your subconscious to open up to expansive possibilities...why? why not? You have all those thoughts running through your head anyway. Make them meaningful.


Spend time with like-hearted people…and that doesn’t always mean like-minded. Get familiar with the difference. It’s those who see things differently than you do that challenges you  most  to grow.

And notice I did not mention loving others because when you make life rich and deeply meaningful to you, for you, the natural outcome is you are more loving towards others and you are more lovable too. 

The outcome of your patterns or habits is a powerful road map of being 'the change you wish to see in the world' and a relatable case in point for others and for future generations, because you lived life in a deeply meaningful way to you. Celebrate that!

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