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In Service to Sisterhood!

Ursela Gurau

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The Tale of How a Ham
Saved Our Lives!

We were not allowed to ask questions. And so it is, all these years later that all those questions were never asked.

DON'T ASK QUESTIONS... it stuck!!!

Sarah Coolidge

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Networking does not have to be uncomfortable or unproductive, even for someone who would rather stay home than socialize. Experience how networking can be intentional, fun, heartfelt and effective. And share your magic!

Paula Taylor

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Dimensional Frequency Expansion consists of four layers of frequencies we are invited to integrate into all levels of our being to strengthen our practice of radical love of self and others.


Kristin Quattlebaum

Learn how to leverage the infinite wisdom within you!

We'll explore why intuition is such a magical tool and the key ways you can attune your receptors.

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Cathrine Estar


Qigong, is a system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the

purposes of health and spirituality.

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Mary Tolena

Murmuration is when a flock of birds move as one. The energetic connections between individuals are so attuned they move as a fluid body. WE will experience music as our connecting medium through rhythm, melody and harmony.


Barbara Morris

Pause - what does it feel like to be in your Vertical Core?

One word  -  POWERFUL!


Pam Altaffer


InterPlay  reconnects people to the wisdom of the body. Magic happens when we dance our dances, tell our stories or sing our songs.



This pivotal sound activation is a portal for those in life-transition or who desire to align with a deeper knowing. Soul Song is your dynamic connection with Source Energy and a vibratory activation anchoring new frequencies of pure conscious awareness of who you have always been.


Lucy Young 

InterPlay Facilitator

You will find Interplay  helps with spontaneity, light-heartedness and improvisation as well as  meaningful connections,  grace, ease, and lightness. A place to create, tell stories, move and play.

Cayelin Castell


Genuine, heart-felt communication can be one of our best experiences. Miscommunication can happen for many reasons including the spoken and unspoken cues we are receiving from another person that may trigger an unintended or unconscious response.

Do you know your Sun and Mercury Sign? If not you can get a FREE natal chart at this link:

Ben's Bells


Ben’s Bells are a symbol of kindness and it’s power in healing, meant to touch others’ lives and make our community a more gentle place to live. Thousands of Bells are distributed randomly in the community to encourage  kindness.

Your Heart to Heart Team


In Service to Sisterhood

Anita Conway 

Goddess of the Garden

Barbara Morris

Keeper of the Temple

Sarah Amos

Enchanted Witness of Sister Magic

Sushila Mertens

Guardian of the Circles

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