Sisters Soaring

IF you are interested in being with like-hearted women as well as  like-minded women... 

IF you are ready for your next step even if not fully sure what that is...

IF you're wondering  how to get your groove back...

IF sisterhood is a new concept or a tried and true one...

IF you are intrigued by an event with body, mind and spirit connection with a 'healthy reality check' component...

IF you need a little "me" time to relax, engage and play...


Then you are ready to Soar!

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Harmony Circles

Allow more ease in your body, more trust in your heart, more harmony within you and between us. Harmony Circles are a heart to heart connection so powerful when Israeli and Palestinian women experienced it they declared "we are sisters!"   Let's heal our relationship to the feminine!

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Ripple & Receive 

Who are we? We are…

Recognizing that as we create change within ourselves, we become a catalyst for change in the world

Inspired women shifting from over-giving to over flowing, from     fear of rejection to acceptance

Prioritizing self-care, self-love and self-trust, first and foremost

Peaceful Warriors entering the space of ease leaving fight, flight or freeze at the door

Lovingly expressing our voice, declaring our space and being embraced

Embodying and emanating our divine feminine energy


Sisterhood Getaways

Times change, things change, people change and yet sisterhood endures. Somethings we never forget and somethings we remember when we're together. 

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