As we invite you to Soar ask yourself this:

Am I longing to ignite my spirit or nurture my soul?

Does the thought of new possibilities excite or scare me? Even just a little?

Am I ready to freely laugh, sing, dance and maybe even cry?

And we humbly submit for your consideration that:


IF you are interested in being with like-hearted women as well as  like-minded...         

IF you are ready for your next step even if not fully sure what that is...

IF you're wondering  when you'll get your groove back...

IF sisterhood is a new concept or a tried and true one...

IF you are intrigued by an event  with a 'healthy reality check' component...

IF you need a little "me" time to relax, engage and play...

Then... you are ready to SOAR!

Why only rise when you can Soar!


Soar Tucson, Arizona - November 8th -12th 2019


Your  Soar ticket includes 3 delicious lunches !

Your special Soar room rate is $129 AND includes a delicious breakfast.


In service to Sisterhood these women will surprise and

amaze you!

Come early and stay late.

Enjoy the relaxing pace of the Old Pueblo and surrounding areas. 

Our Values:

Ripple and receive synergy

Lifelong learning

Supporting strength

Meaningful connection

Enlivening interactions

Expansive thinking

Integration of body, mind and spirit


Map of the Area


Contact US

Anita -  914-669-5358

Barbara - 303-618-4383

Sarah - 520-207-2127

For inquiries or comments please call or email us.

Let's stay in touch!

Please sign up to receive updates from us. You may call or email us at

We're eager to Soar with you! 

Your sisters heart to heart!


She Soars with wings she didn't know she had!

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