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 Heart  to Heart Sisters

 Claim it, Communicate it, Celebrate it!
Who We Are
Our Intention

Our intention is to create, support and grow a vibrant,

engaged sisterhood. We are providing  a platform for

sisterhood and community where women support one

another in their strength.


We also know that sisterhood  is built when we interact,

interface and connect the old fashion way by

being  together. 

There is a thriving, organic and yes, magical  outcome when women gather from a shared intention! 


We have the upmost trust in the synergy of 'ripple and receive'.  As one woman ripples her gifts, talents, wisdom, kindness, compassion, humor or grace she will receive as well. What she receives is, as always, between her and the Universe. And the world heals just a little bit more.   

Things change, people change, times change and yet

sisterhood endures!

  • Our creative manifestations emanate the magic and synergy of ripple and receive.

  • Our teachers are in front of us, beside us and behind us. We no longer conform to a script that limits us or try to fit in a box we've outgrown.


  • We honor others by supporting  strength rather than playing into our own weaknesses.


  • We hold sacred meaningful connections by our willingness to be intimate and vulnerable with one another.


  • Because we practice discernment in our topics and patterns in communication we enjoy juicy, enlivening interactions.


  • Because our spirit delights in the feel of the earth upon our feet and the wind in our hair we allow the mind to quiet and the heart to feel.

Heart to Heart Sisters
Tucson AZ

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